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Welcome To Four Queens And A Jack Records, Four Queens And A Jack Publishing(BMI) Four Aces And A Jack Publishing(ASCAP)    Our main e mail is  [email protected]

Welcome To Four Aces And A Jack Publishing(ASCAP)

And Four Queens And A Jack Publishing(BMI)

At our online Store we have a buy

one get one Free sale Through 05/31/2023

We are so glad we are online

No Mask required.

We Hope You Will like

Our Website, Our Music Has been

Heard Worldwide on Many

Radio Stations And Also on HBO.

We have also had Four # 1 songs.

1999 So Long Adios by

David Thomason

2000 Out For The Weekend

By David Thomason

2001 Margaritas For Two

By David Thomason

2001 Wallflower Blues

By Jamie Beaver.

I am Jack Nordin Owner and


I founded 

Four Queens And A Jack(BMI)

in 1989.

I founded Four Aces And A

Jack(ASCAP) in 2012

You can hear some of our music

on our services page.

We hope you will give it a listen.

We are located on the Southside

of Fort Worth, Texas

 Just Released And on it's way to

A Radio Station Near You 

The Great New 12 song CD

by Calvin Mac


And Also his New Single

" Nobody's Ever Loved You

Like I Do"

Nobody's Ever Loved You Like I Do

Nobody's Ever Loved You Like I Do By Calvin Mac

Above Is A Photo of

Laughing Gravy 

Recording Artist And Writer 

Of the Songs

"He'll Never Love You Like Me"


"Make Up My Mind"


Achin' Heart

Achin' Heart

Make Up My Mind

He'll Never Love You Like Me

Two Great Songs Recorded By Ace Elliott And Written And Published By

Rick Fletcher.  Without Her And Through It All On Four Queens And A  Jack Records

Through It all

Without Her

Down By The River In My Car

By Jeff Young

Dan Sullivan Photo

Jon Magnificent Photo

Recording Artist On The Song Drive.