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So Long Adios

Single By David Thomason

Sweet Sweet Lovin'
Single By Jeff Young

Down By The River In

My Car 

Single By Jeff Young

Going For Broke

Single By Dan Sullivan

You Make It Hard

Single By Laughing Gravy

Blindin' Me

Single By Hillbilly Jane

Achin' Heart

Single By Laughing Gravy


Single By Jon Magnificent

I Love You

Single By Kenneth Chapin

Make Up My Mind

Single By Laughing  Gravy

Salvation Is Here By Gene Evans Band

Salvation Is Here

Gene Evans Band


Single By Dan Sullivan

We Want Our Nation Back

Single By Shane Rogers

You Can Reach Me Esp

Bill Scull Jr.

Dan Sullivan Photo

Artist and Writer. For  Going For Broke and Generations.

Shane Rogers Band. 

We Want Our Nation Back

Photo Below

Shane Rogers Band

Nobody's Ever  Loved You

Like I Do

Single By Calvin Mac